Who are patent engineers?
Patent engineers are law professionals who assist in the preparation of patent filings. Patent attorneys often have a group of Patent Engineers on staff. Many Patent Engineers have technical degrees.
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01 Profiting from your inventions 101 (How to file a patent)
the patent process
02 What is an invention?
novelty, patentable subject matter
03 How do patents protect your rights to an invention?
rights, enforcement
04 Why use an Inventor's Logbook
why it is important to keep one
05 How to keep an Inventor's Logbook
guidelines and tips
06 Copyrights, trademarks and patents.
is one better than the other
07 What does a patent look like?
embodiments, claims etc.
08 Which countries should I file my patent in?
usually in more than one country
09 How much time and money to file in?
legal fees, time taken
10 How do I collect royalties off my patents?
11 Search for prior art
resources and databases
12 Your responsibilities
and your attorney's responsibilities
A Case study: a patent (part 1)
a patent dissected
B Case study: a patent (part 2)
a patent dissected
C 10 Simple Inventions
used all over the world!
D Tips for Inventors
pitfalls and hints
E How to Invent
(Anyone can be an inventor!)

how to start inventing
F The patent process
the formal patent process
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How much does it cost to file a patent, and how long does it take?

Filing patents is an expensive process. People have been known to spend anywhere from $3,000 to $30,000 to file a patent. Complex patents can cost even more than that!

The costs are mostly for legal fees paid to patent attorneys to prepare and prosecute the patent. Fees are also incurred when performing prior art searches. The US Patent Office also collects processing fees, and many patent office require you to pay regular maintenance fees or renewal fees to maintain your patent at the patent office.

The patent filing process also takes some time. First, you have to work with your patent attorney to draft your patent application. This depends on how fast you want to drive the process, but it often takes a few months to get everything right. After that, your attorney will file the patent application with the patent office. The patent examiner will then examine your patent and its claims and challenge some or all of them. This process again takes another year or more. The patent office is heavily backlogged nowadays, and in some cases you can expect the process to take a few years. If there are challenges to your claims, your attorney will need to discuss it with you and decide how to modify your patent claims. Only after the patent examiner agrees will a patent will be issued to you. Some patent applications have taken up to 5 years to be processed.

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